Edward Koemans


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Edward Koemans. I’m 39 years old, married and a father of five children. I am the owner of Davis Foodgroup.

What is your role at Davis?

I guard the carefully outlined strategy and vision of the company. I see myself as an inspirer instead of a manager. I coach!

What is the best thing about your job?

The interaction with people, both colleagues and relations. My unbridled passion for the industry and its produce. The industry is dynamic, enriching my life.

I work for Davis, because…

… it is my calling

What do you add to the Davis family?

I pass on authenticity, and ethical norms and values. Respect for the trade, relations and of course for the produce.

What is your favourite produce?

Grapes, they just taste great!

Handelsweg 200, 2988DC Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

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