Rob Scott

Commercial Manager



Rob Scott

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Rob Scott, I’m 44 years old and I take care of commercial customer management for Davis Worldwide.

Can you tell us more about your job?

My role as customer manager is to process orders and generate more orders. I also take care of buying and selling fruit and vegetables and administrative jobs. Transportation requirements, company developments like initiating various product lines and bringing in new customers are part of my function. Building customer relations, analysing trend patterns, in short: making my service desk even more profitable is my primary mission.

With what kind of products do you work? And which one is your favourite?

Mango’s, because they have a nice margin and mango’s are a new product within my customer profile. My favourites are berries, the most beautiful fruit, probably because of their vibrant colours and I enjoy them the most.

What is your vision for your sales desk in the future?

It is important to keep our current customers and to expand while we look for new products and new customers. We continue to build on what we have now and develop the things we don’t have yet.

What do you add to the Davis family?

I like to bring laughter (primarily making fun of myself), expertise on fruit quality, seasonal influences and technical requirements. I also bring a ‘lean’ management style and an eye for maximizing the efficiency of the operational processes.

What is your personal approach to your job?

I am relaxed but driven in my business approach. I don’t like disappointing people, not in life in general nor the business. I’d like to walk the extra mile to be ‘THE’ man for the job!!

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