Mark Wright

Commercial Manager

Mark Wright

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mark Wright, I’m 30 years old and I’m the first person employed within Davis Worldwide.

I work for Davis because…

… I enjoy my job, the many facets of my function, the colleagues I work with and the customers and suppliers that I take care of. This and the autonomy to develop new business and existing business at the same time (work-life balance). 

What is your favourite produce?

My favourite one is the Flavourking plum, it has a harmonised balance between sweet and sour. Unfortunately, it has a very short season.

What is your vision for your sales desk in the future?

I envision a grown sales desk with export to other countries and a bigger team to cater for the growing requests of established third party repackaging businesses throughout the whole year. And adding new categories of berries and nuts to the Davis portfolio for the future.

What do you add to the company/Davis family?

I bring more than 10 years of experience in the industry from different areas (procurement, transport, commercial sales, IT, warehousing, technical documentation). As a person, I bring a friendly, hard-working, ambitious and loyal character. I like to pass on my knowledge and experience to the team.

What is your personal approach to your job?

I have a very loyal and determined approach to get the job done. I often think about it as a ‘dog with a bone’ mentality. I don’t give up unless I’m forced to do so.

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