Paul Tomlinson

Managing Director

Paul Tomlinson

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Paul Tomlinson, I’m 40 years old and I am the managing director at Davis. 

Can you tell us more about your job?

I try to focus on the company strategy and support my colleagues where and whenever they need it. It is imperative that we stay true to our core commitments and values and that we help each team member to realise their potential.

Why do you work for Davis and what makes your job enjoyable?

Why not? It is important to me that I believe in the company’s culture, and that it provides a place where I can buy and sell things to people. I am very proud of our culture and how we represent this in the company. Besides that, I enjoy being part of a family. We work for each other, we work together so that all profit, from growers to customers and everyone in between.

What do you add to the Davis family?

I’m quite down to earth, but this question asks for less humility. I think I helped to define and shape Davis into what it is now. I would like to see that the principles I apply in my function help my colleagues and the company to understand who we are: a people-focused company, ready to serve.

What is your personal approach to your job?

We are a people-focused company that builds relations and works with people we can trust and with whom we work together for many years. We, therefore, have to treat everyone always respectfully and honourably. Honesty and transparency are of the utmost importance.

What would you like to be included in your bio?

That the other team members are recognised for their contribution.

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