Dennis Koemans

Account Manager


Dennis Koemans

Account Manager

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dennis Koemans. I’m 37 years old. I’m married and have four children. My desk is Davis Solutions, I look for solutions for companies that have quality problems with their products. If, for example, a container with vegetable or fruit does no longer qualify for category 1 quality requirements, because of an incident on its way to Rotterdam, I will search for a solution in which the product still finds a suitable customer. 

With what kinds of products do you work?

All products with which problems arise. This depends on the weather conditions, the seasons and incidents during transport.

What is the best thing about your job?

Working together with my brothers. I like to be solution-oriented and helping suppliers. And interacting with customers. 

I work for Davis, because…

… I love working together with my family. My job is very dynamic. One day you work with apples and the other day you deal with grapes or bananas. I enjoy looking for the right product for the customer. 

What do you add to the /Davis family?

I have a very positive personality and spread this positivity to the rest of the team. I like to be the person who can work anywhere in the company, throughout Davis Foodgroup.

What is your favourite produce?

Pineapples; I think they are the tastiest of all.

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