Johan Koemans

Senior Accountmanager


Johan Koemans

Senior Account Manager

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Johan Koemans. I’m 32 years old, married and I have three children. I am the Senior Account Manager of the sales desk Davis Europe and the right hand of my brother Edward.

What is your role at Davis?

Together with three coworkers, we form the sales desk Davis Europe. We deliver class 1 (vegetable and fruit) produce sector-wide. 

With what kinds of products do you work?

Davis is broadly oriented. We supply, among other things, Top fruit like apples and pears, and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes and kiwifruit. A unique feature of Davis is that we can supply cherries from all around the world for eleven months per year.

Who are your customers?

Most of our customers are suppliers of supermarkets, importers, caterers and wholesalers in all European countries, part of North Africa, and the Middle-East: Dubai, Qatar, and India.

What is the best thing about your job?

No two days are the same. There are always different requests/enquiries and different produce. We even had a customer recently asking for daffodils, while usually purchasing potatoes. After assessing our possibilities, we have put our team to bring it about. We should in general stick to our trade, but it gives a feeling of satisfaction to go the extra mile for a customer.

I work for Davis, because…

… it allows me to work together with my family members. We know each other well, both our strengths and weaknesses. That entails openness, honesty and transparency. Besides that, I perform well in a small dynamic business with a hands-on mentality, like Davis.

What is your favourite produce?

Melons, there are so many varieties.

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