Jean Claude Ganza

Account Manager

What are you doing at Davis? What position do you have?

I am an Account manager @ Davis Solutions

Who are you? Name, age, connection Davis?

Jean Claude Ganza, 40 years, married to Thirza.

I am a Bio-Engineer and experienced with quality management in food industry, with a long standing passion about trade in food sector. I am good at interacting and negotiating with people; I speak Dutch, English and French.

What kind of products do you work with?

Ananas are currently one of my priority products, but as a beginner in the domain, I keep my eyes open for other products that may suit the dynamics of the French market.

Why do you work at Davis?

I have always been passionate about a career in international food trade. When I got to know about Davis, its values, the space it provides to its employees for creativity, growth and development, the amazing contribution of Davis Solutions to solving problems in the fresh produce sector while reducing food waste, I immediately knew I had found my ideal workplace.

What makes your job so enjoyable? Within your branch and at Davis as a company?

A vibrant, experienced and coherent team of colleagues whom there is so much to learn from, a company that’s built and runs on Family principles, so much space for learning and growing and for developing new ideas.

What do you bring to Davis as a person? What is your added value as a person at Davis?

I am a man of integrity, I am optimistic, I work with structure and I am results-oriented. With these qualities, I look forward to contributing to the strength of the sales team and its better achievements.  

What is your personal approach in your work?

I strongly believe that good and sustainable relationship with clients is a good foundation for good sales.

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