Paul Vroombout

Senior Account Manager

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Paul Vroombout. I’m 31 years, married with two children. My function within Davis Foodgroup is procuring and selling exotic fruit.

With what kinds of products do you work?

The main produce is mango from Peru. When the mango season in Peru is over, we import them from Mexico, Israel and Brazil. By doing so, we are able to supply mangoes year-round. We also import ginger from China and Brazil, and another fruit I work with is papaya. In short, I work with all kinds of fruit.

What is the best thing about your job?

Flexibility: having the freedom to develop product lines at my discretion. 

I work for Davis, because…

… I like the work mentality, the humaneness in the company and trading runs in my blood. Customer contact is of course another reason why I like my job. And needless to say the fruit itself.

What do you add to the Davis family?

My personality, customer relations and knowledge about the produce. And as a result, maintaining good relations without commercial/ economic purpose/objective. 

What is your favourite produce?

Mango. I have the highest affinity with mangoes and I like them the most as well.

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